SCIS Uniforms

Posted on Monday February 22nd, 2021 @ 2:25am by Supervisory Special Agent Svetlana Chekov

From: Chief of Starfleet Intelligence
Admiral Gibbs

To; CMDR, Deep Space 3
Executive Officer, Deep Space 3
Chief of Security, Deep Space 3

Chief of Federal Personnel Office
Ms. Monica Williams, GS11

Referece: SCIS Uniforms
In order to show professionalism throuout the entire Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service I am now directing that all Special Agents assigned to your ship, and facility; to include Orbital Starbases, land Starbases, Repair Facilities, and also Starships to wear in lieu of their formerly worn e civilian clothing.

In recent weeks, and months I have been receiving communiques from various commanders reporting that Special Agents of the SCIS do not appear to present a professional manner, or that the look of an agent is not in accordance with the professional look of all Starfleet Personnel.

With that in mind, the use of the old Starfleet Uniform, formerly known as the Monster Uniform of the 2280's be used by all SCIS personnel. The uniform shall be all black, to include boots, and gloves if needed (for further please refer all clothing maters to SCIS Circular 200-19-25).

HOWEVER the use civilian clothing for off site or installation use in an investigation will still continue to Stand.

Rank for all Civilians SCIS agents shall be the old 20th to 21st US Navy military rank.

(For weapons, see SCIS circular 185-39-29) for further information.

For the commander,
JJ Pettigrew, LCMDR
Office of the JAG



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