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New Month, New Mission

Posted on Wednesday February 24th, 2021 @ 4:23pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok


We hope this News Item finds you in good health, and with the terrible weather some of you will have encountered recently firmly behind you.
With the Federation Ambassador arriving at Deep Space three, the Command Team (Commander Tobias Bishiop III and Lieutenant Commander Ithahr), feel that it is time to close off the present mission and begin the next, exciting phase of Deep Space Three’s life.

Therefore, Forgotten Outpost will be closed at the end of the month, and a new mission will be opened on March 1st. The title and content of the next mission will be updated over the coming weekend. Any open Joint Posts will then roll over to the new open mission. Nobody’s hard work will be lost.
Going forward, each mission will have an ‘A’ storyline and a ‘B’ storyline that will ensure all members of the crew will be able to participate with their Primary/Playing characters and any PNPCs the Command Team have agreed to be created. The designation of a plot as an ‘A’ or ‘B’, or even ‘C’ if called for, will have no bearing as to its importance to the story of the simulation as a whole.

We appreciate the patience and forbearance you have shown whilst the new Executive Officer has gotten his feet under the desk – it is appreciated, and we hope to celebrate many milestones with you over the coming period of time as we celebrate our collective hard work. With the launch of the new mission, however, we do wish to emphasise that normal posting rules for the sim will now apply, meaning two poster per player per month will be expected as a minimum.

For those of you who will perhaps struggle with inspiration outside of posts directly related to the mission, please get in touch with the Executive Officer, Lt. Commander Ithahr, as he will always be happy to help in writing a Joint Post – he is here to write, after all!

Live Long, and Prosper!

- Commander Tobias Bishop III – Commanding Officer
- Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th’Shrannock – Executive Officer


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