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Supervisory Special Agent Svetlana Chekov

Name Svetlana Khadegan Chekov

Position Special Agent in Charge

Rank Supervisory Special Agent

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 185 cm
Weight 77kg
Hair Color salt/pepper
Eye Color Dark blue amost purple
Physical Description With the body of a tall and thin wrestler, SA Chekov is no pushover, she can take anyone down with ease, with strong steel-like grip as she grapples her opponent. With her skin the color of very light brown honey, her high cheekbones, arched eyebrows, a slight almond-shaped eyes, small nose, gives SA Chekov the look of one who came from Upper Mongolia, however, she is of Russian birth, and with over 400 years of breeding, she is the first in the family to have that familial Asian look.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Olaf, (d)
Mother Gohar, (d)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview There are generally two sides to Special Agent Svetlana Chekov, one as a profesional Senior Supervisory Special Agents for the civilian run SCIS, who only wants to find the truth. Svetlana is an unassuming, no-nonsense hardnosed by the book criminal investigator who doesn't care what your rank is, For she will walk over your head to get to the truth. She is the one person you'd rather have on your side of an official ART 32 hearing, and if you lie to her and her team, she will make sure you fry. On the other side,

Special Agent Svetlana Chekov can be a mild, mannered, and very courteous Special Agent who works for SCIS (Starfleet Criminal Investigative Services). Generally a fun agent to hang around with, she loves Russian Ballet, quiet Baroque music from the 17th century, that cascades forth from her office. For meals she loves old American Hot dogs, Russian Tea, French Pastries, along with platters of Russian Beluga Caviar, crackers, all washed down with bottles of semi frozen Russian Vodka.

However, she is contradictions to all of this, a workaholic, six cup coffee drinker with a slight nervous reaction to which she finds relief in gnawing a pencil with her teeth.

For all of her faults, none can fault her in the clothing department. With a flare for fashion, she brings back a sense of style. that includes custom business suit which includes a custom fitted jacket, and pencil skirt where the hem line is one inch lower that most skirts. Underneath her suit jacket she wears a long sleeve silk shirt that she leaves open where the top of her bra can be seen. a small golden bracelet on her right wrist, underneath her skirt she wears dark blue hosiery, and wears on her feet a pair of highly shined black ¾ inch pumps that was invogue during the mid 21st to the early 22nd century.

Off-duty Svetlana is usually seen wearing a pair of real 21st century blue jeans, that she has meticulously kept cleaned by hand, or wearing a pair of custom designed blue jeans, an old FSB or NKVD Tee Shirt, a simple blouse, and a sweater, and on her feet she wears womens open toed sandals.

Strengths & Weaknesses W - She can be vindictive, condescending, aloof, detached from reality.
W - Loves to use enhanced interrogatin tactics that at one time were banned by the the old US, but later as the Federation began to have close contact many races, the typical interrogation techniques were of no use, so the old standard enhance ones were allowed to fluorish.
W - Has a problem in undersanding LGBT people, though she is not one to discriminate against them, goes over and beyond in giving them time to acclimate to the rigors of the job, but if they can't cut the mustard, she will gladly sign their transfer orders.
W - Loves to drink, especially Vodka, and sometimes gets drunk, but is generally a happy drunk.
W - Loves old fashioned sex, but is equally interested in one with another older woman.

S - Loyal to her friends and co-workers,
S - Follows her own code of honor where no one is left behind.
S - Has a command presence that says one thing... "Im in Charge"
S - Loves Children, which is one trait from Russia that she absolute likes.
Ambitions Eventually retire from SCIS with a sizeable pension, find a, small dacha in the Urals mountains to hunt and fish, then drink as much as she wants.
Hobbies & Interests Collecting old Police related gear from the 21st century. Feels that this period was the golden age of Policing...

Interest: has an interests in growing Salt Water Fishes, and has so far a 500 gallon salt water tank in her quarters that she is working on.

Personal History Svetlana Khadagen Chekov was born some 49 years ago, and was raised in the old city of St. Petersburg, Russia.

Svetlana is the daughter of Olaf Chekov, a former security investigator now deceased. At one time worked for the Delphi Corporation, as an internal Security Specialist.

His wife Gohar had died some years later of a stroke. With his training as a former Delphi Investigator, and before he died of lung cancer; he taught Svetlana many tricks and especially the art of Combat Sambo Wrestling, the Russian National Sport, that was as close to actual combat you could get. Sambo, had two parts; one the Sport of Sambo, and the Combat end of Sambo, her father chose the Combat portion of Sambo, and now years later Svetlana was an all womans Combat Sambo practitioner.


Svetlana entered an all-girls high school in Smolensk, Russia; was Well-liked as a student by all at the school. Excelling in sports and as part of her schools Debate Team, she talked about things like the old Russian Federation. The problems with Communism, and its demise in the late 2135's. Svetlana even tried out for the schools after class “Cold Case files Club" where retired Detectives from the nearby Police Department would take several cold cases that were at the time unsolvable, and with modern Forensic and Criminal Investigative tools, the case were once again reopened, and on several cases where the leads had turned cold, but with over 300 using the most modern tools, and investigative techniques, Svetlana easily solved the cold cases.

Excelling in solving the cases, one of the police detectives made a suggestion of what to do after graduation from high school. Talking to her the detective provided a lot more insight on what it took to be a detective/criminal investigator.


For Svetlana, the last four years at High School went by very fast, and now with the students thinking of university and places to study in the Galaxy, Svetlana decide that she would try her hand at the SCIS, the only Federal Law Enforcement Job, where people did not wear a uniform at all.

She liked the idea of wearing civilian clothes, but there was a small problem, in one of her Russian classes one of the students took a strong dislike to her.

the girl decided to beat up Svetlana personally, but during a fight in a small Russian tea house that was governed by one of the Russian Mobs, hearing of Svetlana being chalanged, the man decided to help end the fight, so in a large supply room he took both fighters and told them to fight it out, a no "holds barred fight". As the two girls began to fight, Svetlan practically destroyed the other girls ablity to fight.

For the men who had killed before, the butchering of the other girl at the hands of Svetlana was sickening. The hospital reported that the girl suffered massive external and internal injuries, resulting in a kidney transplant the removal of her spleen, Dislocation of the fingers in both hands, dislocated elbow and upper shoulder, Plus sever dental damage to her upper and lower jaw. And a skull fracture, and it was doubtful if she would ever walk again.

Though Svetlana was suspended from school for 24 hours, the other girl was thrown out of the school, and never graduated, as the records showed, the troubled girl had beaten up girls in four other schools, and was never punished , until now.


2367 to 2372 At the age of 18 enters Notre Dame University in 2367, takes a double major
Criminal Justice Major, Awarded a BA degree in Criminal Justice &

2372 to 2373 One year to relax before tackling her Masters Program.

2373 to 2375 At the age of 23 in 2373, Svetlana attends the two-year Master’s program at Columbia
Receives her MA in Criminal Justice & Investigations


2375 to 2375 At 27 years of age, in 2375; Svetlana joins Federation Civil Service as a GS-09 step 3 Criminal Investigator, and travels to Glynco Ga, for training at the SCIS Training Center. Enrolled in the SCIS Criminal Investigator Training program, and the SCIS Special Agent Basic Training

2375 to 2375 Returns home for nine months, after training to await the results of her classes at Glynco, to await her next On the job training program with one of several hundreds of other SCIS Field Units.


2375 to 2380 GS9/Step 5, GS-1811 Criminal Investigator/Special Agent
At 31, and now as a seasoned Special Agent, her next assignment is on the USS Magellan, a Vespa Class Starship, that has been remodeled as the new live aboard diplomatic Vessel for the Federation. Assigned as Special Agent, She is now the agent in charge of the VIP protection detail and spends much of her time going over policies looking for problem areas and training her agents. When not doing VIP Protection duties, she is also an assistant team chief for one of the Forensics Section of the SCIS

2380 to 2387 GS-11/ Step 8, 1811 Criminal Investigator and Senior Supervisory Special Agent
At the age of 39, she becomes a Supervisor for Team 75, the USS Mercy, A Federation Hospital Starship. With over a few thousands of workers, over 500 + patients she is in charge of the Major Crimes Response Unit, which has seen several Highly profiled cases involve senior Medical Officers, Starfleet Flag Officers and enlisted personnel committing Major Felony crimes on board the Hospital Ship.

2387 to 2393: GS-12 / Step 5, 1811 Criminal Investigator, Assistant Supervisory Special Agent in Charge.
Now at the age of 37, she is the newly assigned Assistant Supevisory Team Leader agent of Star base 258, Team #105. Whose small team of Special Agents, along with a Forensic Pathologists, and a Medical Assistant who is certified as a Forensic Technician make great inroads in the Major Criminal Report Unit. In 2393 Svetlana receives orders for Deep Space Three.

2393 to present: GS-12/ Step 8, 1811 Criminal Investigator, Supervisory Special Agent in Charge
At the age of 43, Svetlana is name as the new Agent in Charge of Deep Space Three and ears the Gold Bade of a SSA. As It is now a main base in that part of the galaxy, the station is in need of a new Agent in Charge of Team 95.