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Lieutenant JG Brolga

Name Brolga

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 160
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Brolga is just about the scrawniest Klingon anybody has ever met. He still has a decent amount of muscle, but compared to other Klingons he is short, narrow, and fine boned. He has dark skin, with his forehead ridges being rather straight and perpendicular. He keeps the bottom part of his face shaved so he only has a mustache, and he trims his eyebrows to look more human. His hair is always pulled back in a ponytail.


Father Siskin
Mother Soral
Brother(s) Neem, Moden, Morgen
Sister(s) Helemy
Other Family uncle Hrathren (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Brolga is simultaneously very Klingon in some respects, and very much not in others. He is very intelligent. He values quiet and privacy, and enjoys working with his hands and fixing things. He is very dutiful. Although he is good at engineering, he never seems particularly excited about it - mostly because some of his relatives mocked him for decision to work in engineering, so he has grown used to not showing how much he really cares. He doesn't like fighting, and doesn't want to die in a pointless battle, though he would gladly lay down his life for a more meaningful, engineering-related death. He views the Klingon code of honor as something everybody is just unfortunately bound do follow. He will do so, but he views it more as a burden than anything else. He is quite jumpy, quick to violence (despite not liking violence on a more philosophical level), and slow to trust.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Engineering Skills

+/-Physical Strength (more than you'd expect from a human engineer, but less than you'd expect from a Klingon)

Ambitions Brolga wants to be important. Sure, he wants to be dutiful and honorable and all that, but really he just wants to be important. Why be a second rate warrior, who'll probably die a meaningless death, when instead you could be an engineer who people turn to when things need fixing? After all, how often is it the engineer's responsibility to keep the station from falling apart? He wants other people to see that he's important as well. He loves praise, and wants the validation that his family never gave him.

Hobbies & Interests Brolga practices knife fighting against his own interests, simply because he thinks that he comes from a society where everybody is expected to know at least on form of combat and this one seemed like the coolest. The rest of his hobbies are decidedly less Klingon: he likes houseplants and plays the cello.

Personal History Brolga was always a bit of a laughingstock among Klingons. He is short, but beyond that: his mother was a scientist and his father were an engineer. The two clung to their grandparents' stories of the "good old days", before the warrior culture became so prevalent. So Brolga grew with parents who both shared his love of engineering and persuaded him to not actually go into that field, hoping he'd chose a more respected career than they did.

When Brolga was ten years old, as Klingons mature faster than humans, he decided to leave for Starfleet Academy. He made that decision for multiple reasons, but chief among them: he wanted to be around people who would respect him for being an engineer and not even partially a warrior. Brolga's uncle, who was a pilot and a warrior, offered to take him to a federation star base that would take him to Academy. His uncle thought this was good choice; not only did he view Starfleet as sort of a military operation, but he figured if his nephew were weak, he'd be better off surrounded by humans where we could be the strongest of the weak, rather than surrounded by Klingons against whom he didn't have a chance.

But Brolga's uncle was an easily distracted person. On the way there, they met a group of trophy hunters, headed to a nearby planet to hunt the wild, vicious beasts that lived there. They challenged Brolga's uncle to a hunt and he couldn't turn that down. When they got to the planet, the trophy hunters killed Brolga's uncle, stole their ship and left the boy stranded.

He spent two years alone on that planet. His time there turned him into the aggressive, distrustful and jumpy Klingon he is today. They taught him how to live in the wilderness, and how to survive. But mostly they taught him how to hate Klingon's warrior culture. He had told his uncle to ignore the others and turn away. He blamed their war-like society for his uncle's death and the two worst years of his life. He still has nightmares about those times.

But after two years, more trophy hunters from the same race arrived, only these ones weren't heartless jerks. They brought Brolga to the starbase he had been headed for. He spent a month in their sick bay and in therapy. They offered to send him home, but he declined and went onward to Earth, to the Academy, instead.

He continued working through therapy even during his time at the Academy. But he was intelligent. He knew engineering. And his time on that nameless planet had given him a sort of ruthlessness and desperation that carried him through his courses.

After that, Brolga's time in Starfleet was more orthodox. He was a fine officer; despite not seeming very enthusiastic he truly was, and he pulled through some innovative solutions, obedient responses and a strong sense of duty. He rose through the ranks fairly quickly.
Service Record 2383-2387: Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2387-2389: Ensign, Engineering Officer, USS Rosalind Franklin
2389-2390: Ensign, Engineering Officer, USS Mexico
2390-2391: Ensign, Matter/Energy Research, Starfleet Academy
2391-2393: Ensign, Matter/Energy Specialist, USS Redstart
2393-2394: Lieutenant JG, Matter/Energy Specialist, USS Redstart
2394-???: (rank), Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, Deep Space Three