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Not on my watch -Part I

Posted on Sunday October 31st, 2021 @ 1:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Backpost



Steven knew that security was not happy with him. Twice they had tried to sneak in new eavesdropping devices. Edgeware had promised the Klingons that sickbay would be a safe haven for them. He was not going to be made a liar to his new warrior friends. Just because security wanted to be nosey.

Plus sickbay should be a safe haven for all. A place were those who needed treatment could get it. Not have their every bowel movement discussed by the cloak and dagger brigade.

As things went Steven had just treated a young Klingon who nearly lost an eye. In a fight over some half dead Gagh. The young man was especially pleased with Steven, after he left the young man with a good scar round his eye.

However his run in with Security had him concerned. He wondered how long it would be before one of the station's top brass came looking for him.

Sighing softly, Ithahr stepped out of the turbolift on to the deck housing the station's copious Sickbay facilities. As befitted a station of Deep Space Three's importance and size, the complex was extensive, and even a top medical facility in the Federation's core worlds would be hard pressed to rival her facilities. I doubt there's a facility between here and Betazed that would provide such top services.

Sickbay also came with Starfleet's best and brightest medical officers. Given their pride in their work, and their adherence to their Hippocratic Oath, they made for some difficult customers when it came to matters of Naval discipline. Although the Andorian knew that Starfleet was a scientific endeavour first and foremost, discipline had its place.

He stepped into the reception area for the Sickbay complex, and noticed the orderly behind the desk. Nodding affably, Ithahr approached. 'Lieutenant Commander Ithar th'Shrannok to see Doctor Edgeware, if you could ping him?'

The orderly blinked for a moment, before consulting the terminal in front of her. 'I'm afraid Doctor Edgeware is otherwise engaged, sir. He may be delayed for a long time,' she said apologetically. Ithahr smiled, his antennae twitching slightly, as he spied some chairs.

'I'll wait,' he replied, 'please inform Doctor Edgeware I shan't detain him long.'

The orderly nodded, putting the request through as the Andorian settled into a chair and crossed his legs, waiting with uncharacteristic patience.

Very slowly Steven poked his head around a corner. He had left instructions that should the First Officer or Captain come looking for him, they were to be told he was busy at the moment and could not see them. This was so Edgeware could get prepared for the argument to come. Security were not happy with his purge of all the ease dropping devices. There latest attempt had ended in choice words being exchanged.

Counting to ten Steven walked towards Ithahr. Then speaking in Andorian Steven welcomed him.

“So how may I help you today?” Edgeware asked turning on the Irish charm.

'Andorian? Most impressive Doctor,' replied Ithahr smoothly as he got to his feet. 'Not only a Medical Doctor, but a linguist too,' he smiled, but his antennae thrashed about, betraying his emotional turmoil. 'I've also been given reason to believe that you speak more than passable Klingon, too,' his tone turned waspish. 'How about a cup of tea in your office?'

Steven could feel a good telling off was on its way. Maybe it was time he set some boundaries?

“That sounds quite executable the replicators do quite a passable Earl Grey.” Steven replied.

'Earl Grey would be most acceptable, Doctor,' Ithahr smiled thinly, the height of politeness. He motioned towards the interior of the Medical Center. 'Please lead the way. Don't allow me to detain you further, Doctor Edgeware.'

Steven could tell he was in trouble and he had an idea why. Security. It had to be. He led his visitor into his office and after ordering some Earl Grey tea placed a cup before Ithahr then took his seat.

"Ok. So I am in trouble. But before we start quoting regulations at each other until we cant breathe. May I speak freely?" Steven asked

'You may,' Ithahr nodded as he crossed his legs and folded his hands in his lap, a statuesque presence as Edgeware prepared his spiel. For the moment he pointedly ignored the cup of tea prepared for him. 'I'd like to solve this issue as quickly and as amicably as possible.'

Steven took a slow breath and began.

" Trust. For many of the people who come through those doors. They are hurt and scared. This is a place of healing. The patients need to know they can trust the medical staff. If they feel their being spied on by security it could seriously hampen their trust in us and will cause them harm. This must be kept as a safe heaven. Not just for Starfleet personal but for everyone. Now security has been allowed to run rampart in here. Some of their listening devices were not even hidden. One fell off a bio bed while we were treating a patient. I am sorry if feathers have been ruffled but this is a safe heaven. For all. Including yourself. How long have you been having balancing problems?" Steven asked

'Balancing problems?' Ithar asked politely as he regarded the Doctor, unflappable. He merely shifted position and picked up the cup of tea and took a delicate sip.

Steven picked up a tricorder and scanned Ithar’s head.

“ I notice that your left antenna is drooping slightly. It’s a common problem with many Andorian’s who spend a lot of time in artificial gravity. A simple fix that is if you wish me to perform the treatment.” Steven explained.

'Yes it has been. How astute of you to notice,' replied Ithahr as he allowed the Chief Medical Officer to give him the once over with his tricorder. 'Anything else you've detected there, Doctor?'

Steven wanted to ask why Ithar was here. But tact was needed here.

Edgeware looked over the probes readings.

“ You have slightly elevated blood pressure but nothing that needs attention. Heart rate looks good. Apart from what we just spoke about you seem to be in reasonable health.” Steven reported.

'And how do we solve my antigrav problem, Doctor?' Ithahr asked patiently, allowing the man to go through his routine.

Steven considered the readings before him and rubbed his chin in thought. There were several treatments that would help. The thing was which one would suit Ithahr best.

“ I could give you a five week course of hypo spray injections. They should help until your inner ear gets used to Deep Space Three’s unique gravity well.After that a booster injection once a year should keep things from spinning.” Steven explained.

Ithar raised an eyebrow politely, 'that simple Doctor? And my antennae will be as good as new.' He avoided self-consciously touching it. 'As I'm sure you know, antennae are an intrinsic part of us Andorians.'

Steven smiled. It was always they way with some aliments. A simple solution would cure it better then a full blown operation.

“ Yes I know it sounds rather small. But in this case it’s the best thing for the inner ear than a cumbersome operation. Once your equilibrium has sorted itself out your antennae will straighten themselves out," he explained.

Nodding his head once more, Ithahr took a sip of tea. 'Thank you.' He flashed an Andorian smile. 'Now. We both know this wasn't why I came down here today.'

Well now it was time to get down to business. Steven nodded and took a sip of his drink.

“Yes. I know,” Steven said.

'I came here because of a complaint,' Ithahr said gently, minding his words carefully as he studied the human doctor's reaction. 'Apparently some of the bugging devices in Sickbay have been ... destroyed. By someone who has been positively industrious in their pursuit of them.' The Andorian chuckled. 'It has the Chief of Security quite alarmed.'

[To be Continued ...]

Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok
Executive Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Steven Edgeware
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Three


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