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Away Team Expedition - Part III

Posted on Sunday October 31st, 2021 @ 1:22pm by Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Captain Tobias Bishop III & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware & Lieutenant JG Talerian Maxx & Ensign JoAnne Grant

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Deep Space Three Quarantined Docking Bay
Timeline: Current


"Electromagnetic waves differ from mechanical waves in that they do not require a medium to propagate. This means that electromagnetic waves can travel not only through air and solid materials, but also through the vacuum of space. This proved that radio waves were a form of light! Then after twenty minutes Maxx squinted at the 3D hologram and spoke up, "Hey Doc? I could be wrong but these lifeforms appear to be genetically modified Angosians. They have the same chemical markers like the database. What do you think?" Then Maxx shared his finding with the others.

Steven looked over the readings. He had heard of the Angosians and their genetic soldiers. A clear example of Pandora’s box just like the historical records of Earth's toe dipping into that area and how that went very bad.

“Yes. The genetic makeup is almost identical to what we have on record. Two males , one female unfortunately the damaged chamber contains the fourth. No signs of any attempt to escape the pod. Death for her must've been instant. Probably under some kind of heavy sleeping drug. Looks like they were part of the ship's cargo. They would make a pretty profit for any smuggler or pirate. Those fatherless souls have no scruples. It may be prudent to keep them under for now. The last thing we need is three angry Angosians mistaking us for their captors and trying to remove body parts.” Steven said.

"Look at this! No wonder the pod malfunctioned" Jo said.

There was a huge blast hole in the back of the casing, several of the gas tubes were either burned through or blasted with what could have been an incendiary grenade and most of the circuitry was charred.

Jo ran her tricorder over that.

"This happened several weeks ago some sort of incendiary device. There is a chemical some sort of cryonic residue on the circuitry. I think she died frozen, Sr." Jo reported.

Steven looked at her tricorder.

“That would explain why she did not try and free herself. Well at least it was quick. It must of blown the whole chambers system completely corrupting the integrity of the cryogenic field. But was this an attempt to destroy the cargo or a sick way to get the customer to pay more?” Steven said

Jo shrugged. It would be difficult to tell without more information.

Maxx Then scanned the damage to the cryopad through his drone since it boosted his signal for more data collection. It was as Jo said when looking at the blast pattern. This made Maxx think as he wondered who through the bomb in the first place. Since bombs just don't throw themselves he scanned the walls and floor decking for damage and biological residue to see if their was a fight in the ship. Sadly this took longer as the energy fields from the ship and cryopods interfered so he was forced to use Electromagnetic waves which moved slow compared to normal scans. Then his data pad began to build a 3D hologram of the inside of the ship slowly. Maxx spoke up as he said, "Scanning the ship for additional damage and lifeform remains."

As his nimble fingers began to race across his data pad the image of the ship began to take form in the hologram. Unfortunately this took time since the process was very slow and required a lot of focus from Maxx. Then after ten minutes something appeared on the data pad that stood out. It was inside the decking rectangular holes. Additional scanning in that spot revealed a ring. Maxx set up a second hologram next to the one of the ship he was making to reveal the ring which still had a finger in it.

Then Maxx spoke up as he said, "Additional scans revealed that the finger was from an Orion female and the ring was a modified com device and poison ring. According to the data base it is on record as a common syndicate tool for Orion Slave girls to seduce a victim and lure syndicate operatives. The Syndicate has been known to use Varon-T disruptors which are illegal and difficult to trace. My guess is that this was hit that ended badly for the Syndicate and the crew of this ship."

Steven looked at the finger.

“This nail is to well manicured for a simple slave girl though. There are rumours that the slave girl thing is all a front. That it’s the women who are in charge not the men. Hmmm this poison though it’s not Orion made. Odd that. Looks like a Romulan brew to me.” Steven said

"The bridge is pretty far away. I wonder if this ship has an auxiliary control room, maybe we could download the captain's log then use the automatic playback to see what happened." Jo suggested.

Keying his own frequency into the comm, Ithahr piped up after looking at the Captain. 'That's a great idea Ensign - can you proceed to find an auxiliary control room, or a terminal that will allow you access?'

"Possibly Sir, I'm kinda riding blind though, there is some kind of dampening field that is greatly attenuating the range of my tricorder. Are youur sensors better able to penetrate the interference," Jo reported.

Ithahr shook his head, 'not from here - not without an hour's calibration I'm afraid. Can you make your way through the ship to find one?'

"Aye Sir, I will try to find it. Its going to take a little time though." Jo said.

[To Be Continued ...]

Captain Tobias Bishop
Commanding Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Commander Ithar th'Shrannok
Executive Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant JG Talerian Maxx
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Dr Steven Edgeware
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space Three

Lieutenant Ahkhsu Trensu
Security Officer
Deep Space Three

Ensign JoAnne Grant
Assistant Chief of Operations
Deep Space Three


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