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Away Team Part IV

Posted on Thursday November 4th, 2021 @ 9:53am by Captain Tobias Bishop III & Lieutenant Commander Ithahr th'Shrannok & Lieutenant Steven Edgeware & Lieutenant JG Talerian Maxx & Ensign JoAnne Grant

Mission: Jeepers Creepers 2: Creepers In Flight
Location: Various
Timeline: Current


At this point Maxx was really craving his coffee, but that option was not available in his bio-suit so he just had to deal with it. Then he checked the scans of the ship that were still running in the background. His nimble fingers ran across the data pad as he he scanned the code before his eyes at a fast pace. Since he had already memorized the code he was using, it looked like a second language to him as he read it. Then he saw some concerning information so he spoke up, "Okay ladies and gents, if you plan to access the ships logs, you will need to use the following nodes I am sending to you since a lot of them have been burned out. We don't want to trigger a short circuit in the remaining systems so pick your targets carefully. My guess is that those panels were damaged in a fire fight or burnt out from an overload. Luckily there are some available in the engine room, cockpit and a few other compartments." Maxx then popped his neck as wished he could rub his tired eyes. He was tired from a long double shift already and could use a break.

Steven looked at Maxx

"Are you ok?" He asked.

Maxx sucked his teeth as he was scanning his data pad. Then he slowly replied, "Just tired. I could use another coffee though. All this coding is mentally exhausting. maybe i should make a coffee patch for missions like this."

Coffee even in this day and age. Caffeine addiction was still a problem. Once this was over Edgeware would have to look into alternatives to coffee for the crew of Deep Space Three.

Ithahr piped up over the comm as he heard the Away Team had access to nodes. 'Download the data from the ship, and get any survivors to Sickbay. We don't want you over there a second longer than necessary.'

"We will need to set up a power source in sickbay , for these units. Until we decide what to do with our sleeping patients. Best keep them asleep." Steven said

Maxx sighed as he knew the real dangerous work was going to happen now. he just hoped his suit was in good condition and his brain was still working. He then replied, "On it sir. Data transferring now." Maxx began the data transfer to speed things up.

Her tricorder only gave readings to about 30 feet. So far no life signs except the away teams. and even those were fading. The doors opened to a storage area, perhaps one of the cargo bays? she closed the door and went through another, looked like a science lab of some type. she then came upon what looked like a Jeffries tube, at least there was a ladder going up and down.

JoAnne tapped her commbadge and said "Grant to away team. I found what looks like a Jeffries tube. I am going down to the next level. The only thing I found on this level was a cargo bay and a possibly science lab. None of the spaces had power. No life forms detected so far, but the interference is incredibly dense. Continuing to look for auxiliary control. Grant out."

Joanne then proceeded to climb down the tube to a lower level. There was some power on this deck as the lights seemed to be on albeit at a really low level. there was another corridor that curved to the left. there were three doors two on the left and one on the right, She close the right which seemed to be deflector control. She found an access panel and tried to access the database, but it was alien, all she got for her trouble was a sharp shock. it wasn't enough to know her out but it smarted.

She shook it off.

She got up and went over to the control panel and scanned it, running the symbols through the universal translator. After a few minutes she found that the symbols were in old Dewaan. If that was the case this freighter was old indeed. She then translated the control panel but since main power was down so was deflector control.

She then left deflector control and went to the doors on the left side one of the doors opened to another Jeffries tube that went down to the computer core, the other looked like Auxilliary control.

"Grant to away team. I think I've found Auxilliary control. This ship seems to be Dewaan, I will download the duplicate captains log to my tricorder. any other instructions?" Jo asked.

"No other instructions," Ithahr said into the comm, returning from his unexpected meeting. "Please ensure you have the data, the casualties and any of the smuggled weapons and return to the ship. You have five minutes." He chimed the comm again. "Lieutenant Maxx, how's that ship holding up?"

Lieutenant Maxx moaned as he was multiple scans through his drone at the same time since his use of radio waves was slower but much more thorough due to the interference of the shielding. Given enough time he could do a full scan of every nut and bolt of the ship but they were on a clock since they had three lives to worry about. The also needed to worry about how dangerous the same three lives were to themselves. Lieutenant Maxx then spoke up after getting to a stable point, "She seems stable for now, however that could change at any moment. I recommend limiting any large discharge of energy inside or outside the ship since it can cause a resonation wave and distort the unstable shielding which could lead to a catastrophic explosion and our untimely death. So if you all plan to do something like that I would like to got get a cup of coffee if you don't mind sir." Lieutenant Maxx sighed as he ran his nimble fingers across his modified data pad.

"Aye Sir, Grant out." Jo replied. She then downloaded the duplicate captains log. Then made her way back to the others.

Jo quickly made her way back to the others it was time to go home. It only took her 3 minutes now that she knew where she was going.

"I don't know about you guys but this ship is distinctly creepy I cant wait to get out of here." Jo said.

Lieutenant Maxx was looking forward to a coffee break at this time. He was hoping the other team members would finish sooner. He heard Jo's comment and muttered, "Its a common trade mark among derelicts."

Steven nodded.

"It reminds me of an old disused house in my home town of Ballybrack in Ireland on Earth. When I was a youngster. My friends and I used to have this game on Halloween. We would see who to stay there over night. None of us ever did. Mind you we were only ten year olds. Later we discovered some older boys used it as there hide out. It was them you made all the noises that scared us away." Steven said.

"I swear I felt like I was being watched." Jo said

Steven scanned the area with his medical tricorder. He looked at the readings.

"Not picking up anything significant except the usual rodent population these ships carry. But then again anything could be masking itself to give off those readings." Steven said

:: To Be Continued ::


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